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Design With Pic Microcontroller By John B Peatman.pdf

Design with PIC Microcontroller by John B. Peatman.pdf

If you are interested in learning how to design with PIC microcontrollers, you may want to check out the book Design with PIC Microcontrollers by John B. Peatman. This book is a comprehensive and practical guide that covers the architecture, instruction set, programming, and applications of PIC microcontrollers. It also provides code templates, examples, and exercises to help you learn by doing.

PIC microcontrollers are popular and versatile devices that can integrate features of a digital design, such as timers, serial communication, analog-to-digital conversion, and more. They are widely used in embedded systems, robotics, hobby projects, and industrial applications. The book focuses on the Microchip Technology's PIC family of microcontrollers, especially the 16F84, 16F873A, and 16F877A models.

Download: https://caesesxsynghe.blogspot.com/?rg=2w4eGl

The book is divided into 12 chapters that cover the following topics:

  • CPU architecture and instruction set of PIC microcontrollers.

  • MPASM assembler and its directives.

  • LoopTime subroutine, Timer2 module, and interrupts.

  • Serial communication using USART module.

  • Analog-to-digital conversion using ADC module.

  • IC bus protocol and SSP module.

  • EEPROM data memory and code protection.

  • Power-on reset, brown-out reset, watchdog timer, and low-power operation modes.

  • Stepper motor control using PWM module.

  • LCD interface using parallel port.

  • Master-slave interconnection of PIC microcontrollers using SPI protocol.

  • Comparison of PIC family members and design requirement analysis.

The book also includes bibliographical references, index, and appendices that contain data sheets, instruction set summary, and sample programs. The book is suitable for students of electrical engineering and computer engineering, as well as professional engineers and designers who want to use PIC microcontrollers in their projects.

You can download the PDF version of the book from [this link]. You can also find more information about the book on [Google Books] or [Pearson Education].


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