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Recommended Products

This page will list the products recommended by me as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, and personally a mom that looks for the best products out there. I test all the products myself and will continuously update this page.

Amazon Storefront link: https://www.amazon.com/shop/drstretch20?ref_=cm_sw_r_cp_ud_aipsfshop_aipsfdrstretch20_RMFHJDB11TBT2RWJ305C

These products are frequently recommended to the patients that come into my clinic.


One of my favorite supplements for boosting immunity. I usually alternate between Host Defense Mushroom and Colostrum. I take Host Defense Mushroom starting February to help with Spring Allergies.

Symbiotics Colostrum- Take 3 pills on days you feel like you will get sick or feel sick.


Symbiotics- Colostrum (Kid friendly)

Kids and adults can take this chewable pill together. It comes in cherry flavor too.


CheongKwanJang is the most popular Red Ginseng Brand in South Korea. Their Red Ginseng is grown for at least 6 years. Their quality is the best! This is Red Ginseng extract, if you don't mind the taste, this will be best for you. I recommend it for chronic fatigue, boosting immunity, blood circulation, supporting cognitive function and COLD people(feeling always cold)! I do not recommend it for people who are HOT in general (feeling always hot).

image0 (11).jpeg

This is the pill version of Korean Red Ginseng. Korean Red Ginseng is known for their potency and effectiveness.

image3 (4).jpeg

CheongKwanJang makes Korean Red Ginseng for children but this is what I found on Amazon. It's in jelly form to make it easier for kids to take. My picky daughter has no problem taking it.

Korean Skincare

There are a lot of viral Korean Skincare products out there. I only recommend products I have tried myself that actually works.

Basic Skincare Routine (Normal/Dry Skin): 1. Cleanse 2. Serum/ Moisturize 3. Protect 4. Refresh

Basic Skincare: Cleanse

Banila Co. Cleansing balm to remove makeup. Apply all over face and rub on skin. Add a little warm water to hands and massage into skin and then rinse with water.

Basic Skincare: 

This Centella Serum is viral in Korea and is great if you want a Glass-Skin look. Serums are used after toners and before moisturizers. Serums are used to support specific skincare needs : antiaging/ hydration/acne/ sensitive. 

The Face Shop Rice Water foam cleanser is the next step of a basic skincare routine. It will wash off the remaining makeup residue.

This Beauty of Joseon serum is also a glow serum and I'm listing it as an alternative to the Centella Serum. Both serums focus on Antiaging/ Hydration and great for the smooth Glass skin look.


Haruharu toner contains black rice and hyaluronic acid. I consider toner as the third step of the basic skincare routine since it cleans out any leftover soap residue. It helps your skin absorb serums and moisturizers. Apply on cotton pad and gently apply on skin.

image0 (13).jpeg

Mixsoon is made with pure ingredients and is viral in the Korea Community. US influencers are also raving about this product. ITs used as a layering Essence to create glass skin effect. After toner you apply Galactomyces Ferment Essence->Bifida Ferment Essence->Centella Asiatica Essence and finish off with bean essence.

The Madeca Cream is used during the winter cold days and is very hydrating and absorbent. You can add a drop of any face oil for a dewy look.

Basic Skincare:


Round Lab Birch Juice Sunblock is VERY moisturizing. It has a 50SPF which is higher than usual and feels very hydrating and gives your skin a glowy look.

Basic Skincare:

Kahi multibalm stick is a must have especially for the winter/spring days. It will give you an instant glowy glass skin look. It protects your skin from environmental factors such as dryness, cold and dust. You can apply it throughout the day to liven up your skin.

d'Alba Tone-up Sunblock is my personal FAVORITE. It gives a dewy/glowy look and evens out skin tone. It feels very smooth and light.


Centella Sunscreen is also viral and my new favorite. Its very hydrating and gives a glowy look. 

D'Alba mist is my favorite mist. I have it all my clinics and give it to my friends and families as a gift. The mist is very fine and instantly hydrates my skin. It gives a glowy glass skin finish. Apply it throughout the day to refresh and moisturize.

Face Masks &

The Youth Lab Gua Sha massager is a useful easy tool to have even for beginners. It has a vibrating/heat/Red LED function all in one device. After you apply your skincare routine, use this device in an upward/outward direction. You can also use it with your favorite facial oil.

Biodance Bio-Collagen Mask is one of my favoite masks. I use it at least once a week. After applying your basic skincare products, put on this mask right before you sleep and in the morning, you will have a glowy skin. 

Medicube Age-R Booster H is recommended for people who want the glass-skin look. I use it after applying my basic skincare routine and it helps the skin absorb all the skincare products you have on. 

Medicube Age-R Derma Shot is best for tightening the skin and for an instant lift. After one use you can see the difference and can be used on the face and body.

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