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We do not mean to imply that an equal treatment claim can only be brought by an existing varsity athlete. Whether, for example, a female student who was deterred from competing for a spot on an existing varsity team because of perceived unequal treatment of female varsity athletes would have standing to challenge the existing varsity program is a question we leave for another day.

she male samantha

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If she [plaintiffs] cannot show personal injury, then no Article III case or controversy exists, and a Federal Court is powerless to hear that grievance. The individual injury requirement is not met by alleging "that injury has been suffered by other, unidentified members of the class to which [the plaintiff] belong [s] and which she purports to represent." Warth v. Seldin, 422 U.S. 490, 502, 95 S. Ct. 2197, 2207, 45 L. Ed. 2d 343 (1975). Accordingly, a named plaintiff in a class action who cannot establish the requisite case or controversy between him or herself and the defendants simply cannot seek relief for anyone...not for herself, and not for any other member of the class. O'Shea v. Littleton, 414 U.S. 488, 494, 94 S. Ct. 669, 675, 38 L. Ed. 2d 674 (1974)...The treatment of participants in female varsity athletics has not impacted plaintiffs as they have not been female varsity athletes and therefore have not been discriminated against by any alleged treatment of LSU's female varsity athletes; therefore a change in said treatment would not impact plaintiffs. Plaintiffs have personally suffered no injury or threatened injury due to LSU's allegedly illegal treatment of its varsity athletes and as such fail the initial prong of the standing inquiry as to the claims for illegal treatment of athletes.

She had gone forward to the anxious seat, with some other young females,their minds bein' wrought on, so it wuz spozed, by Deacon Lathers'seloquent exhortations, and urgin's to 'em to come forward and be saved.

Though what we wuz to do we knew not, and the few male men who didn'tjine in the hardness, said they couldn't see no way out of it, but whatthe minister would have to go, and the meetin' house be shet up for aspell.

It wuz a fearful tuff job we had took onto ourselves, for we had got tomake all the things to sell out of what we could get holt of, for, ofcourse, our husbands all kep the money purses in their own hands, asthe way of male pardners is. But we laid out to beset 'em when they wuzcleverer than common (owin' to extra good vittles) and get enough moneyout of 'em to buy the materials to work with, bedquilts (crazy, andotherwise), embroidered towels, shawl straps, knit socks and suspenders,rugs, chair covers, lap robes, etc., etc., etc.

It wuz a hard job. I couldn't help thinkin' quite a number of thoughtsas I stood on a barell with a board acrost it, afraid as death offallin' and a workin' for dear life, and the other female sisters astandin' round on similar barells, all a-workin' fur beyond theirstrengths, and all afraid of fallin', and we all a-knowin' what we hadgot ahead on us a paperin' and a gettin' up the fair.

"Yes," sez he, "that is one of the pints I have been explainin' to you,"and then he went on agin real high headed, and skairt, about the oldground, of the willingness of the meetin' house to shelter wimmen in itsfolds, and how much they needed gaurdin' and guidin', and about theirdelicacy of frame, and how unfitted they wuz to tackle anything hard,and what a grief it wuz to the male sect to see 'em a-tryin' to set onConferences or mount rostrums, etc., etc.

They had jest got the great news of wimmen bein' apinted forDeaconesses, and had come down on the first minute to tell us. She thatwuz Celestine Bobbet wuz the only female present that had heard of it.

"Oh, no, Drusilly," sez he condesendinly, "these hard and arjuous dutysbelong to the male deaconship. That is their own one pertickiler work,that wimmen can't infringe upon. Their hull strength is spent in theseduties, wimmen deacons have other fields of labor, such as relievin'the wants of the sick and sufferin', sittin' up nights with small-poxpatients, takin' care of the sufferin' poor, etc., etc."

She wuz jest a-thinkin' how dretful it would be if sum female deaconessshould ever venter into some other branch of business, and what wouldbe apt to become of her if she did. She hated to think of what her doomwould most likely be, bein' tender hearted.

We see that their time wuz too valuable, and their own business devouredthe hull on it. And we married Sisters, who wuz acestemed to the strangeand mysterius ways of male men, we accepted the situation jest es wewould any other mysterius dispensation, and didn't say nothin'.

"And," sez I, "nobody is tickleder than I be to think a colored man hashad the right gin him to stand up in a Conference or anywhere else. Ihave probable experienced more emotions in his behalf," sez I, "deepand earnest, than any other female, ancient or modern. I have bore hisburdens for him, trembled under his lashes, agonized with him in hisunexampled griefs and wrongs and indignities, and I have rejoiced at thevery depths of my soul at his freedom. 041b061a72


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