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M Audio Fast Track Pro Driver For Mac

hello to everyone, but is it possible that avid decides not to update the drivers for the "fast track usb" and "Maverick os x 10.9"? there are news? you know when and if it will come out? without these new drivers sound card is useless! thanks to all

M Audio Fast Track Pro Driver For Mac

you can find the file here 1.9.5. _US/Download/Fast-Track-Drivers?retURL=%2Fpkb%2Farticles%2Fen_US%2FDownload%2FFast-Track-USB-Drivers%3FretURL%3D%252Fpkb%252Farticles%252Fdownload%252Ffast-track-solo-drivers%26popup%3Dtrue&popup=true

Hey guys i recently bought the fasttrack pro usb audio interface which came with 3 installation Cds all which had something to do with M-audio. But my computer refused to install some of the drivers because they were unamed and im running windows 7 which wont allow me to install unamed drivers (yes i tried in test mode still didnt work). I use Magix and Cakewalk, i was just wondering can i just use the interface with my software, without using m-audio? Also, how exactly do i start recording audio? i mean once i hook up my interface adn keyboard will there be a prompt in magix or a button i click or somthing? And finally, if the fasttrack pro is a fail, the other two interfaces i was willing to buy were either line6 or steinberg. Ive heard good things about both but it seems like theyre both more for guitar, will they be any good for mic and keyboard? thanks

The thing about the fast track pro is that it really comes with pretty much no instruction at all. There is a little booklet but the contents of the booklet are the steps you typed in your answer, thats all. Now there are 3 CDs that come with it, one Cd that has "Pro Tools M-powered 7" on it, one Cd that has "Live lite 6" on it, and one that reads "usb audio interfaces driver software", which is the cd you mentioned in step 1, and also happens to be the cd giving me problems. Now when i put the cd in steps 1 through 4 go as listed, except that once i get to step 4, my computer aborts the installation refusing to install the drivers because they are apparently unsigned, unlike in XP where you get the continue anyways option. Neither Vista or Win7 will allow you to install unsigned drivers because microsoft has made them very strict on enforcing driver signatures. SO i went to the M-audio to troubleshoot and it said to download the win7 drivers (thats how i know it is allegedly compatible with windows7) which i did, they had a 32 bit and 64 bit driver, i did 64 bit, which is my OS before anyone asks, and it still did nothing. So i went and got my hands on driver signature enforcement overider, putting my laptop in test mode which was supposed to allow me to install unsigned drivers, and still didnt work. Then i tried the whole disable my UAC and enter those codes in cmd.exe to disable "integrity checks" and it still did not work. Ive done everything in FAQ that youll be able to find on google has said to do and still nothing has worked, even though it seems to be working for everyone else who previously had the same problem. Of course i would never dream of just rippin the interface out of the box, hooking it up and jamming on the buttons but im dead serious when i say the instructions you have in your answer right there are the only ones that come with the interface, theres no manua or anything else, not even for the CDs. I would love nothing more than to install the driver and start recording on magix music maker, but i cant install the drivers with no name. there are only 2 other ways i know of to solve the problem that i didnt mention, 1, when i used the driver signature enforcement overrider, it was possible to specifically type in the name of the driver that you wanted to be allowed to be installed, but i obviously couldnt do that becauseit had no name. The other way i did not mention was that i could upgrade to windows Ultimate for another 219 dollars (more than the interface costed me), which really isnt appealing to me. So all i want to know is can i use the interface without having to deal with that troublesome CD? Ive done everything i possibly can to just get the drivers installed, my computer just absolutely refuses to install them.

Try updating windows first, then try re-installing audio driver for windows 7 64 bit only and follow directions and see. If your problem is still there contact the place from where you purchased audio drive.

I have the same unit and it works with my guitar and microphone on magix 16 , win 7 I haven't tried it with midi yet.. I went to m-audio and downloaded the drivers and then hooked up the unit and it works fine... minor latancy and i haven't tried to fix it yet.

If you do not own Pro Tools M-Powered software, you can try the Pro Tools M-Powered Demo version. A compatible M-Audio audio interface & current M-Audio drivers for that interface are required for the Pro Tools M-Powered Demo versions:

Recommendation: Novice Windows users are recommended to use a driver update utility like DriverDoc [Download DriverDoc - Product by Solvusoft] to assist in updating M-AUDIO Sound Card device drivers. This tool does all of the work for you by downloading and updating your fast track pro drivers automatically, preventing you from installing the wrong drivers for your operating system version.

M-AUDIO's fast track pro are subject to corrupt and out-of-date device drivers. PC drivers can become problematic without any obvious cause. The good news is that the Sound Card system driver can always be modified to solve the laptop dilemma.

It is not straightforward to get fast track pro drivers due to M-AUDIO's large and confusing official website. Despite having experience at locating, installing, and manually upgrading fast track pro drivers, the task will be time consuming and highly bothersome. Using defective or non-functional drivers will cause more damage and errors on your machine.

Insert the included Fast Track Pro installation disc into your computer's CD/DVD-ROM drive and perform a basic installation. For your Fast Track Pro interface to communicate with your digital audio software, you will need to place the appropriate software drivers on your computer. Note that your computer must run Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Mac OS X 10.3.9 or higher.

logic works on 41.0 kHz fast track pro says -max 48kHz , but streaming on 41.0 kHz , the same as Logic .But , than Logic says : 41.0 kHz recognized , there is a conflict t with midi ...all of my previous records get out of tune ????

Logic stop every two seconds with this message , while each and every previously and this new Logic record is out of tune -flat and tempo-slower (Itunes work fine) error while trying to synchronize audio and Midi :sample rate 40515 recognized check conflict between Logic Pro and external device From other side all 3 devices claim they work on 44,1 kHz ???Kemper , Fast Track and LogicI checked in Logic bin every track in the song and it says 44,1 kHz .So from where these might 40515 come up ???How can I dare to order AI via Internet if I get to the same problems ???

Hi Rescator, did you managed to get the S/PDIF working? I got also a fast track pro and that thing sucks. I cannot change the sample rate on the Kemper up to 48 Khz and also cannot change it down to 44.1 Khz on the Fast Track Pro, this really sucks.

Hi there ! i tried my fast track pro with the kemper with spidif with presonus studio one . and worked alright . you might have a drivers problem or software problem it seems . I am using 44.1khz, chose that on the control panel before entering the daw software . (if you try to change with your daw software open , it wont change , you must close it)

also to guys using the fast track pro be aware there are only certain ins and outs that can be selected for it to function at 24bit before it drops down to 16...its in the manual so just a heads up if to the guys having problems before

This worked for me without any problems. The only caveat is that with the generic USB driver loaded, your device Input/Output names will also be generic in your apps. My M-Track input tracks are named "Port_#0001.Hub_#0003 1/Port_#0001.Hub_#0003 2".

This is because the driver input and output info is installed when using the factory drivers, but ultimately this is not a problem since the tracks are still numbered, just something I wanted everyone to be aware of.

The M-Audio Fast Track Pro Mobile USB Audio/MIDI Interface is loaded with professional features for optimal mobile recording flexibility. You get 2 front-panel mic/line inputs complete with phantom power for condenser microphones, inserts for outboard effects, balanced and unbalanced analog outputs, S/PDIF digital I/O, MIDI I/O, and more. The Fast Track Pro also features near-zero latency direct hardware monitoring and low-latency ASIO software monitoring, plus an A/B source switch and dual output pairs for DJ-style cueing. Compatible with most popular PC and Mac music software. USB connection and bus power along with class compliancy for Mac OS X* make it a breeze to set up.Professional Recording-Anywhere, AnytimeWith the Fast Track Pro, you'll get professional results whenever and wherever you want to record. A single USB connection gives you access to all the I/O you need for microphones and instruments like guitars, as well as MIDI- and S/PDIF-equipped digital audio gear. The microphone inputs are even phantom powered to accommodate the studio-quality condenser microphones. M-Audio's acclaimed driver software gives you total routing control over the 4 x 4 I/O-including setting up an effects loop with external devices.Monitoring FlexibilityThe Fast Track Pro audio interface features a powerful headphone amplifier with volume control. Hardware direct monitoring eliminates the latency or delay inherent in even the best internal circuitry while listening to your input and existing tracks. You can also listen to your input complete with effects while recording by using the low-latency ASIO monitoring. Connect to a DJ mixer with the two pairs of analog outputs and use the front-panel A/B source switch to audition cues.Ableton Live LiteAlso included in the pack is the multi-award winning Ableton Live 4 software. The Live 4's revolutionary loop-based paradigm dramatically simplifies production so you can drag and drop audio clips in real time, record linear tracks, add effects, perform live remixes and much more.


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