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Pukar Full Movie In Tamil Download //TOP\\ Movie

The movie is a typical Sohrab Modi production (which always seemed to be historical) with heavy and lengthy Urdu dialogues said in a loud and dramatic style. Story and lyrics are by Kamal Amrohi. Pukar is considered to be the earliest Muslim social film.[1]

Pukar full movie in tamil download movie

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The film received mixed reviews with The Deccan Herald cited that "the story of En Swasa Katre, is one with much potential, largely unexplored by an inadequate plot and screenplay, which, along with the dialogues, and direction, are by K S Ravi", with the critic adding that "Arvind Swamy is not bad, as for as an Arvind Swamy can be so. And the same goes for Prakash Raj. Worth taking a look at."[5] Moreover, Indolnik.com claimed that "the dialogues and situations are unbelievably ill-conceived, but played straight by everyone around, which makes it unintentionally funny! Arvind Swamy looks bored half way through the movie. Prakash Raj hams his way through another over the top performance."[6] The New Indian Express describes that "En Swasa Kaatre may not be a must-see but it is certainly a can-see."[7] New Straits Times wrote "See this one if you are a Arvindswamy fan or go just to enjoy the visuals".[8]

The song "Jumbalakka" was reused in the Hindi film Thakshak.[10] It was also featured in the 2019 film Kaithi where it became a trend in Tamil Nadu after its release.[11] "Kadhal Niagra" was reused with change in instrumentation and vocals and with a considerable extend in length as "Kay Sera Sera" in Pukar.[12][13] An instrumental theme song was featured in the movie but not released in the cassettes. A slightly revised version of "Thirakatha" was a song that was used in the score of Million Dollar Arm.


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