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Just my 2 cents here. I began drum study in 1968-78. I was very lost at the time. I had high hopes of going pro and had the skills to make it in the world of secular music. Messy family situations caused me to give up playing/studying the drums. Jesus touched my spirit in 82 and His rescue of me was right on time. God opened a door of opportunity in 92 to drum for His glory & purpose. He taught me much about music both secular & spiritual. I did a major house cleaning and removed much of the music that I fed on when I was lost. 92-08 were awesome years of being blessed by God in allowing me to participate on 11 worship teams that presented pure worship. Pure being defined as being well focused about & towards God. Songs that invited/inspired the congregation to participate well in a true worship demonstration. Very sadly not seen to much these days. Bottom line is that there is not really any quality teaching going in most churches about music and or true/pure worship. I began teaching worship drumming in 94 to present along with teaching about media. Things really improve when wisdom is shared with others who really have no clue about a topic. God looks at the heart and desires that ALL who profess to be connected with His Son Jesus in a personal relationship to be fully surrendered in all areas of their walk. 2Timothy 2:19 is my favorite scripture that sets the standard for us to be following. There is no room for performance worship in a church setting either. All who are called to be true worship leaders and ministers need to be well focused on what God has to say about what we feed on. Garbage in garbage out. No room for the gray area. god spits that out. My advice is that a worship team must be well connected with each other and their lives transparent to each other as well. A worship leader NEEDS to really know his team members. God gave me a very simple and applicable system that works well to accomplish this task. WTC= worship team clean. Once a team and its leader are on the same sheet of music the power of the Holy Spirit will flow through each person on stage and then flow out to the audience offering encouragement and inspiration to all who are in that place of worship. I have seen this take place first hand when I was doing prison ministry. Beyond amazing. Prisoners being touched, healed and encouraged by God in many ways. Gods best to you all. JOHN 8:51

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