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Games Wanted

Lawrence Central High School is looking to add a Boys Soccer Scrimmage for the 2023-2024 season and beyond. We also have some openings for games as well. If you have the availability to play, please email me at mosibarnes@msdlt.k12.in.us

Games Wanted

Johnson Central High School is needing three games to complete their schedule and have the following open dates: September 1, 15, 29; October 27. They are also seeking to host a scrimmage on August 11 or 12, and will return the favor the next year. If you are interested, please contact John Blair, john.blair@johnson.kyschools.us.

Victory Christian Academy(Lakeland) is looking for like-opponents for the following dates. We need games for week 2 & 4 of the 2023 football season. These games can be played on the road. Please contact Athletic Director, Scott Skeans at 863-559-8673 or sskeans@victorylakeland.org.

Port St. Lucie HS is looking for 2 regular season games in 2023 and a Spring Game. We are a 3s school with roughly 35 players on the roster and are looking for a similar size school. If interested, please contact head coach Chris Dent at Christopher.Dent@stlucieschools.org

Due to a recent cancellation, we have 1 spot left for our annual KJN Memorial Tournament over Thanksgiving Weekend November 25-27 in Sheboygan. Guarantee of 3 games. Varsity and JV team needed. Please contact us with any questions. averyhuibregtse@gmail.com or jpuck69@gmail.com

Pete Schultz wrote:We had a late cancellation for our Holiday Tournament. Three games at Woog Arena December 29-31. Would be joining So St Paul, Hastings, Jefferson, Hopkins, Farmington, Highland Park and Woodbury. Call or text Pete Schultz at 651 206 1241. Thank you!

The JV team is made up of mainly sophomores and a few juniors. We are looking for 3 games and have the following dates available: August 24th; August 31st; September 14th; October 27th and November 2nd.

We were only scheduled 9 games and are looking for a game on Week 1 (August 25th). We are a 4a school so we would prefer it to be a 4a school but we will consider a school from any conference at this point.

Tonopah Valley is looking to add a few JV softball games. Our schedule is open 100% until the 29th of March. After that we would need to work around existing schedules. Please contact TonopahValley AD, Phil Miglio for scheduling.

As an inveterate game collector, I am always looking for the unusual, especially unauthorized variations of well-known games. I collect mostly American games, everything from odd games to beautiful games to great games to play. However, on the international front, I collect international variations of Clue (Cluedo), Operation (Dr.Bibber, Doctor Drill), Careers (Karriere), Mille Bornes (1000 Kilometer), and Cat and Mice (which has different names and animals in each country). And I am especially interested in unlicensed knock-offs of these games. I am looking for foreign versions that are different from the original, not just the exact same illustrations and text in a different language. I am seeking, especially, Japanese, Korean, Eastern European and South American versions of these games.

And, especially, mostly older skill-and-action games from different countries: games in which something is rolled, bounced, thrown, shoved, flicked, tiddled, slid, spun, swung, catapulted, hooked, built, balanced, stacked, toppled, tilted, or otherwise put into motion.

2023 INNISFREE HOTELS PENSACOLA BEACH (FL) BASKETBALL EVENTS have openings in the boys/girls varsity brackets. These two sanctioned events are played in beautiful Gulf Breeze, Florida and are located close to all of the attractions that the area has to offer. The November 20-21 (optional 22) Event is new this year. It will be a boys varsity with guaranteed two games and optional third. The December 27-29 Boys and Girls Varsity Event is a guaranteed three-game event. Teams are required to stay at one of three Pensacola Beachfront Innisfree Hotels approximately 1 mile from event sites. Teams and fans will receive special room rates at these fabulous hotels located directly on the Gulf of Mexico. If you are interested or have any questions, please contact Chip Boes at chippenhoops@gmail.com or call 850-449-9958. Please feel free to visit pensacolahoops.com

Now that the Commodore 64 is firmly established on the Virtual Console (at least for Europe) it seemed like an opportune time to compile a list of C64 games that I feel deserve a home on the Virtual Console.

All of these choices are influenced by games that I loved at the time, and, in my opinion, retain superb playability to this day. With such a wealth of games available it is inevitable that this small selection omits some other classics, and for that I apologise in advance!

8. Defender of the CrownGraphically splendid, although obviously upstaged by the 16-bit versions, this was one of the few games that combined looks with actual playability. Taking the role of one of four Saxon knights (such as Wilfred of Ivanhoe), you have to conquer the land and castles of your opponents in order to be crowned King of England. As part of your campaign, you can go on raiding parties (for either gold or to rescue a fair damsel), enter jousting tournaments, siege castles and even persuade legendary outlaw Robin Hood to lend a hand!

Interesting list. While there are many there that I agree with (Paradroid and Head Over Heels are brilliant, brilliant games) I think mine would be very different.

I know Last NInja II has a lot of fans, but I really like the third game. I think that's where everything really came together for the series. I'd be a bit concerned if the games came o the VC though, as they don't work brilliantly with a pad.

Sadly I don't think it'd be worthwhile them bringing Elite out as it'd be next to impossible to play with the onscreen keyboard blocking the screen. Same with Renegade, which I recall also had to use the keyboard for the various commands. Although these games could have there key buttons remapped I can't see it happening. I'd rather see a Wiiware remake of Elite similar to the ones floating around on the Net but DEFINATELY with the C64's original soundtrack.

Please continue to port more games from all the gaming consoles that we feel are worth spending out Wii points on...or just reward players who have registered their product. Seriously, C64 games should be like 50 - 100 pts or cheap as free.

I cannot believe that wasteland (awesome from beginning to end), Pirates (this is the original, and the best fight with swords and cannons), pool of radiance/curse of the azure bonds (The best of the SSI games, they came in the infamous gold boxes) , Legacy of the Ancients and Ultima iv quest of the avatar (these two rpgs were alot alike and were great game play for hours at a time), Bards tale ( I am partial to this game since my avatar is the front of the folding game case, this was gameplay for hours, with only the hum of the disk drive loading the next 5" to interupt your great time) not to mention games like space taxi, M.U.L.E and raid over moscow!!!

Other than that, I don't know. I loved the Bard's Tale games, the SSI Forgotten Realms games, Zak MacKracken, Space Taxi and countless other games back in the day, and would like to revisit them for reasons of nostalgia, but doubt that they would hold my attention for very long today.

Bruce Lee! Completely forgot about that title. Always wanted to play that one again. Would be a perfect release for the VC! From the current releases I would definitely recommend Impossible Mission! And I would damn love to see some damn release of damn Gauntlet, don't care which system! (Even Legends on N64 would be something... although this is a C64 thread, not N64 - wink @ Zelda-dude...)Oh god, I love the VC! If only I had more spare time for it...

1. As a UK C64 owner in the eighties, I only had access to cassette based games, the same as the majority of us. The disk drive, and therefore the disk games, had a substantially higher user base in the USA (if you don't believe me, check out the "On the Edge: The Spectacular Rise and Fall of Commodore" book).

2. The list reflects my own personal thoughts, it's not meant to represent anybody else's feelings. Lots of the games mentioned in the comments are equally worthy of inclusion, but the ten I picked (which was no easy task!) mean a lot to me.

What kind of sense does that make? If I have not played a game because I could not get access to it I may want to play it more, thus great games like sin and punishment would be on lists I would make before it came out. If you are going to say top ten games wanted, you should then put...that I have had a chance to play, not just that they are wanted.

tnk4god, I think you'll find that a lot of the games you dismiss as "wannabees" were huge hits outside the US, and are just as desirable as the adventures you mention. I'm a huge fan of Wasteland, so I'd love to see it on VC, but I'd happily take Creatures 2 over Pool of Radiance, for example.

tnk4god - I stated in the first paragraph "All of these choices are influenced by games that I loved at the time". How can I love a game that I've never played? You've made it clear that you don't agree with the list, and that's fine. I'm sure the games you want to see on the VC have equal merit.

I feel I must nominate Jumpman (and it's younger brother, Jumpman Jr.) to be added to the list of awesome games for the C64. I see this one overlooked a lot, and I can't understand why given that it was a great platformer for its time and featured levels that were unique and varied and made sure the experience never became stale.

Ive only played C64 with a childhood friend. Few games worked, but at least I got a taste for Califonia Games and Impossible Mission! Games Id like to see are the Turrican games and Last Ninja. I rather liked the music of C64 Ghosts n Goblins, so for nostalgia Id like that one... although controls are terrible and the game is friggin impossible. 041b061a72


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