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Bikablo 2 0.pdf

Thinking with the pen in a complex world using Bikablo visualization techniques, books & icons for visual thinking and dialogue skills. The age of knowledge is making way for the age of images.Bikablo is a pioneer, laboratory and training center for hand-drawn visualization. Bikablo shares new images and visual methods with the world, provides exceptional learning experiences and creates communities of visualizing people. window.page.default.view_length = "12"; window.page.default.sort_by = "manual"; window.page.default.only_available = false; window.page.default.logic_or = true; Sort: FeaturedBest SellingPrice AscendingPrice DescendingDate AscendingDate DescendingName AscendingName Descending FeaturedBest SellingPrice AscendingPrice DescendingDate AscendingDate DescendingName AscendingName Descending Showing 8 results Show: 6121824 6121824 Loader.require(type: "script", name: "products_view"); HotNewOut Stock Neuland All Products,Bikablo,Books,Neuland,Shella Books,Upskilling bikablo 1.0 - newly revised edition! SKU: 8019.0001

Bikablo 2 0.pdf

Author: Martin Haussmann, class of 1969, Dipl. Designer fh, is the Managing Director of bikablo akademie and inventor of the bikablo visualisation technique. As a trainer, technical author and conference speaker he travels widely in Europe as an ambassador for visual thinking.

The age of visual thinking has begun. bikablo bildwerk facilitates your processes with Visual Storytelling, Graphic Recording & Visual Facilitation. bikablo akademie offers visualization training for beginners, advanced learners and specialists.

Visualize your thoughts then draw word pictures with ready-made pictograms of the most expressive motifs from the bikablo visual vocabulary. The icons range from 120 symbol cards, 30 action, and 60 emotion cards!

The new bikablo book presents 130 poster templates, ranging from the classic welcome poster, check-in and reflection to open space and future conferencing. As always at bikablo, everything is completely systematic, from the practice for the practice, easy to replicate and versatile. In order to get started right away, we start bikablo posters with the most important visualisation tips for flipchart and pinboard.

The new binding makes it practical, compact and suitable for everyday use despite its extensive 144 pages. The "new bikablo" is presented in a convenient A5 format with an unusual half-linen look. The perfect gift not only for Christmas!


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