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When the ExtraSensory App runs in the background of the phone, it is scheduled to record a 20-second window of sensor-measurements from the phone (e.g. from accelerometer, magnetometer, audio, location) as well as other devices (the current code interfaces with a Pebble watch, to collect acceleration from the wrist).These measurements are sent to a server, which responds with inferred prediction of the user's context, in the form of probabilities assigned to different context-labels (e.g. walking, shower, drive - I'm the driver, at home).The sensor-measurements are stored at the server (in case data-collection is the purpose of using the app).In addition, the app's interface is flexible and has many mechanisms to allow the user to report labels describing their own behavioral context, either on their past, near-past or near-future:History view. Designed as a daily journal where every item is a chapter of time where the context was the same.Real-time predictions from the server are sent back to the phone and appear with question marks.By clicking on an item in the history the user can provide their actual context labels by selecting from menus (including multiple relevant labels together).The user can also easily merge consecutive history items to a longer time-period when the context was constant,or split an item in case the context changed during its period of time.The user can view the daily journal of previous days, but can only edit labels for today and yesterday.Label selection view. The interface to select the so called 'secondary activity' has a large menu of over 100 context labels.The user has the option to select multiple labels simultaneously.In order to easily and quickly find the relevant labels, the menu is equipped with a side-bar index.The user can find a relevant label in the appropriate index-topic(s), e.g. 'Skateboarding' can be found under 'Sports' and under 'Transportation'.The 'frequent' index-topic is a convenient link to show the user their own personalized list of frequently-used labels.The 'server guess' topic shows the server-predicted labels from more probable to less probable, with the probability that the server assigned each label.Active feedback. The user can report the relevant context labels for the immediate future and report that the same labels will stay relevant for a selected amount of time (up to 30 minutes).Notifications. Periodically (every 20 minutes by default, but the user can set the interval) the app raises a notification to the user.In case no labels were reported in a while, the notification will ask the user to provide labels.In case the user reported labels recently, the notification will ask whether the context remained the same until now.Notifications - watch.The notification also appear on the face of the smartwatch, and if the context labels remain the same a simple click of a watch-button is sufficient to apply the same labels for all the recent minutes.The labels are also sent to the lab's server and saved with the sensor-measurements.

768x1280 My phone wallpapers collection - Album...



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